Rovinj ranks among the most beautiful places of the Adriatic. It is a picturesque Istrian town known as an oasis of beautiful nature and exceptionally agreeable climate. Rovinj's area has a very developed tourism and offers recovery in pictorial landscapes and protected areas.

Certainly, this town in Istria is not to be missed in terms of its setting and scenic delicacy. It is a very romantic place with splendid Venetian Renaissance and Baroque monuments and churches.

The Rovinj coastal area is full of numerous bays, creeks, and capes where you will find places of great natural and ecological value. The town of Rovinj has a rich history and an interesting architectural buildings, beautiful natural resources as well and many other sights are worth a visit.

What to visit

Rovinj offers some fine monuments as well as cultural events such as an International Pop festival in the summer, and International Art Exhibition on the 2nd Sunday of August, and the day of its patron - St Euphemia’s day (16th of September). Also visit the Institute of Marine Biology, which was founded in the late 19th century and has an aquarium. Nearby is the islands of Crveni otok that can be explored.

The old town resembles an island of rising steep lanes, because of whose are shaped foot lively fishing and trip port. It is a typical example of transformation a medieval to admire mediterranen city, in which a multiplicity of the old buildings establishes. The paved lanes closed by the lack of space and are reminder of past times. The oldest building of the city is a Roman church from that 13. Ct. which is on the Trg Lokvi.

Fortress walls & city gates: in 7. ct. was built a Townwalls, which was strengthened with fortress towers. By that originally seven town-gates still three are present: the gate of the holy Benedict, the Portica and the gate of the holy cross. In place of the outside city gate became in 17. ct. is placed the baroque Balbi elbow, which forms today the entrance to the old part of town.

The Church of St. Euphemy is a most famous structure which is the name of the patron saint of the town. It was built in the 18.ct., and it dominates the whole old town centre.

Museum of the town Rovinj - an impressive building of Baroque at the “Zavicajni muzej grada Rovinja”. In the ground floor you will find archaeological finds, Stick of pictures Croatian, in addition, German and Italian painter are issued (15. - 19. ct.).

Other monuments and notable landmarks in Rovinj:

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